Staycations UK



2020 was a swift dive into the unknown for every single person in the world.

In addition to the normal working-day disruptions that millions of Brits have faced, even our short “Escape-the-Everyday” holidays and breaks abroad have been cancelled.

A huge amount of uncertainty still lingers over international travel and holidays, however this could not be better news for the UK economy in terms of internal tourism.

At-home tourism & Staycations

Tourism within the UK is worth a whopping £127billion a year to the UK Economy. Visit Britain are quoted as saying that Brits are taking almost 6 million more short breaks in England alone than they were a year ago! Holidays at home, or Staycations, have been steadily rising since 2016, with numbers set to rise exponentially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 era.

So how do Brits get inspiration and ideas on where to visit and stay? Enter Staycations UK.

Staycations UK mission statement

Our aim is to give the discerning holiday-maker an informative, user-friendly and concise platform that showcases a selection of ideas based on their desired location and interests.

Rather than being an online booking service or broker agency that ties customers into complex contracts and takes a commission on all bookings, we aim to provide a free-to-use information platform for the UK public to draw inspiration from and, more importantly, reroute them directly to the venue or attraction in which they’re interested.